Monday, August 8, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

When I saw the preview for this film, I got really excited! I remember seeing the Charlton Heston version when I was a kid and although I wasn't super impressed with most of the film, I couldn't help being blown away by that superb ending! The remake from a few years ago wasn't bad either. This new movie, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, is certainly worthy to be a member of the film legacy.

The special effects of the apes makes them very realistic. One can read Caesar's emotions very well - the technology helps to combine the animalistic movements of the ape while capturing the human side of his thoughts and feelings. It's wonderfully profound. And this is one movie which portrays a conflict of one life form against humans in which I am actually in support of the animals. This isn't because the human are portrayed as complete barbarians or as inherently evil. It is because one quickly becomes sympathetic with the plight of the animals. A strong alliance is formed between the apes and the audience. While at first it looks like the movie is going to be about a scientist and his father and his love life and his job, the film turns about midway through and the audience becomes allied with the ape. Then the movie is shaped into a story about Caesar, his family and his life as leader of the apes. Caesar is the protagonist and Caesar is the hero.

The filmmakers of The Rise of the Planet of the Apes have presented a beautiful story, captured with fabulous graphic technology and great cinematography. It occurred to me about halfway through the film how cool it would be to see this movie in 3D or even IMAX. The writers have recorded the essence of "humanity" as expressed through this ingenious story about an ape of advanced intelligence.

I really hope you go and enjoy this movie. Keep in mind that the film continues a little way into the credits at the end so don't run out of the theatre to quickly because it's pretty important that you catch the last scene. For those of you who are Planet of the Apes fans, do let me know how you think this movie measures up to the others!

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